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Greg Soon, CPT, CES, Aikido Expert Instructor

Holiday 2016 and Winter 2017 Training Package:
5 Sessions for $500.00
10 Sessions for $900.00
These training packages are a great Holiday and New Year Gift of Health and Wellness.

Greg Soon is the creator of Kokyu Strength℠ a personal training method focused on developing Core Strength, proper breathing and improving kinetic chain aligned movement.  As your training partner Greg will help you look, feel and move stronger from your center, and within your entire body.

Located at: Independent Training Spot
1 East 28th Street (northeast corner off 5th Avenue)
New York, NY 10016

Schedule a Session:
(646) 209-5373
or email: 

60 minute personal training sessions:
$125.00 per lesson.
$550.00 for 5 lessons.

Greg is an independent expert Aikido instructor and was an Uchi Deshi (live-in disciple) of Seiichi Sugano Shihan and Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, both of whom were uchi deshi of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

Greg’s Certifications:
National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist.
Functional Movement Systems: FMSC (Functional Movement Screen).
TRX:  Force Level 2, Sports Medicine Trainer, Group Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer Qualifications. 

Private Customized Personal Training for:
Strength, Fitness, Corrective Exercise, and Self-Defense. 

With over 30 years of experience in martial arts and 25 years of experience in strength-training, Greg developed Kokyu Strength℠ as a way to stay physically fit and injury free through guided breathing and aligned movement.  

Cancellation Policy

Greg Soon, CPT, CES, FMSC
Certifications and Qualifications: 

Greg Soon NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist 1520203 NY
Greg Soon NASM Certified Personal Trainer 1601264961 NY
Greg Soon NASM Certified Personal Trainer 1487299 NY