Greg Soon’s Kokyu Flow Aikido

Kokyu Flow is a Martial Art class led by Greg Soon: The class is based around the philosophy and techniques of Aikido, a Japanese martial art.  The purpose of the class is to develop a strong body and mind free of the causes of stress that lead to injury, pain and dysfunction.

Fridays at 6:30pm & private sessions by appointment
Moving Body Resources
112 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(646) 209-5373

Intro to Kokyu Flow Class & Aikido Demonstration:
Saturday March 26, 11:30am – 1pm
$20 per person

“I love taking private Aikido lessons with Greg Soon. In his sessions I am learning to be strong, centered, relaxed and confident. It is the first class I have taken where I have been encouraged to listen to my energy and that of the person I am practicing with and to let my strength come from that. In addition, I am learning great self-defense techniques! Not only have I gained a lot from Greg’s sessions, but he is a pleasure to work with. He is kind, patient, funny, very proficient in his art, and a great teacher. Thanks to his teaching, I feel better in my every day life.”
Elana B., New York, NY

“Hey Greg!  Wow, I felt really good after your class!  It was just enough to make me feel sore & “worked’, but not crippled the next day!  I REALLY enjoyed it!  you give a very dynamic class!”
Sonya V., New York, NY

Greg-12202015The movements of Kokyu Flow will train you to develop cardiovascular health and to release mental and physical stress; in doing this you will develop a strong body and a strong spirit.  Through this balanced and holistic approach we develop an ease and strength in our body that lasts into old age.  Each class is accompanied by a curated playlist of energizing music that will help you open up your breathing, engage your center, and enter the flow of movements you will be guided through. 

Aikido, It’s a Lot Like Dancing: An Aikido Journey” is a book released in 1994 written by Terry Dobson Sensei, about his life and lessons learned through the Aikido experience.  I invite you to read Dobson Sensei’s book to have a better understanding of Aikido as a Spiritual path, rather than as a Fighting style.

With my practice, I invite everyone to come truly experience Aikido with me.
I teach free of the politics of Aikido organizations. My teaching is based on my training as an uchi deshi (live-in disciple) of two students of the founder of Aikido: Yoshimitsu Yamada and Seiichi Sugano.  I am free of the business of running a martial arts dojo, so there are no requirements to test, pay for ranking or membership dues either to me or to an organization.

Thank you, ~ Greg Soon

Greg began his Aikido training at age 16 in 1993 at New York Aikikai (142 West 18th Street, NYC). In 1996 he was accepted by Yoshimitsu Yamada to become an uchi deshi, and served under Yoshimitsu Yamada and Seiichi Sugano Senseis. Greg has been teaching Aikido since 1997 and as an uchi deshi has trained with Aikido practitioners from all around the world.  Greg has also been a student of styles including boxing, foil fencing, Judo, jiu-jitsu, Tai Chi and freestyle wrestling.  

Greg holds certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer.


Megan practices Shihonage
Megan practices Shihonage

Testimonials for Greg Soon:

“Gregory is an excellent instructor, working with individuals of all ages and physical types with instruction tailored to each individual’s abilities. His mastery of the craft is amazing and he successfully conveys his enthusiasm to his students.”
P. Hardy, New York, NY

 “I have always respected the philosophy of self-defense by turning an opponents negative energy against them. This is a useful concept in the struggles of daily life and I have always wanted to develop those skills.  Since I began taking Greg Soon’s Aikido classes, I feel I am on the right path. The skills that Greg can teach will be invaluable in developing a centered approach to life. To be able to fall down and get up again is not only a good workout in itself, but a good analog to life’s challenges and living a productive life. I highly recommend Greg’s class. He is an extremely knowledgeable and centered teacher that has allowed me to refine and test my abilities both physically and spiritually.”
L. Saffioti, Kew Gardens, NY

 “Greg is a great martial arts teacher. I really enjoy training with him. He is patient, easygoing and has a good sense of humor; but he’s also specific with his instruction and serious in his aims. Taking his classes has definitely been worth my time because he teaches practical techniques of self-defense, drawing from a variety of martial arts, focusing on techniques that will actually help a person defend themselves on the street rather than spending time on antiquated traditional styles. At the same time, he integrates this with a lightly held, but deeply felt, spiritual understanding of how to use energy and intention, which has helped me to discover that I am much more powerful than I had realized before.”
S. O’Conner, Inwood, NY