This video was my 5th Set from Last Night’s WOD: Here I am performing a Barbell Clean to Front Rack, 12 reps of the Front Squat, immediately followed by 12 Barbell Bentover Rows.  

Pointers for performing any or all of these exercises is to Engage your Core Muscles throughout the exercise (transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and obliques), keep your back flat and to keep breathing in a controlled manner.

The full WOD is listed below the video.

Thursday June 8, 2017:
Run/Sprint Intervals:
.21 mile Intervals:
1:56min. @ 6.5mph.
1:40min. @ 7.5mph.
1:28min. @ 8.5mph.
1:19min. @ 9.5mph. đŸ”„
1:19min. @ 9.5mph. đŸ”„
.23mi/1:37min. @ 8.5mph đŸ”„
.25mi/1:40min. @ 9.0mph. đŸ”„
Total: 1.53 miles đŸ»
Barbell WOD:
Barbell Clean & Front Squats:
@ 135lbs.: 6,6,7,7,
@ 155lbs: 7,12,7,10 đŸ»
Barbell Rows:
@ 135lbs.: 10,7,5,12 đŸ»
@ 155lbs: 7,10,7 đŸ»
Total: 62 Front Squats

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