Taught by Greg Soon

Mondays 6PM – 7:30PM
112 W 27th Street (btwn 6th – 7th Avenues)
Fee: $20 per Class or $100 for 6 classes

Must Pre-Register: 
(646) 209-5373
Email:  soonaiki@gmail.com

This class is based on the Martial Arts of Boxing, Wrestling
and Aikido:  The Martial Arts Lab is designed to introduce self-defense techniques and skill to new students and may enhance the training and practice of experienced practitioners.

The class is non-competitive and open to men and women of any age.
(If you are able to perform a squat and to bend down to touch your toes you will be able to do the techniques in this class).

Mindset / philosophy of martial art training;
“Ma-ai” The “Art” of Timing & Distancing;

Striking / blocking & Pad-work;
Partner Drills;
Footwork and body movement that creates powerful technical skill.

Each class will focus on a different theme and technique.
Techniques will be taught methodically and broken down to clear step-by-step detail. Everyone will get to practice the technique with a training partner.